Wednesday, 8 May 2019

How Do You Prove God?

      What do you say when someone asks how you can prove God?
      I wondered about that, and then I thought "how can you prove love?" You can say "I love you", but unless you follow up that with actions, they're pretty empty words; and I don't mean just to follow up by making love. It's through unrequested thoughtfulness, caring and showing that they're important to you, giving them a feeling of reward and fulfilment, even when you're not there and use a third party to deliver it (like God does).
      The same happens with God. I find that I feel good when I do stuff for other people, and God is helping me to do it because it is difficult to do or fit in with my other commitments. Someone needs help, so I do what I can to bring it for them. Even if I don't get thanked, I still feel good because God helps me to feel fulfilled from what I do.
      The thing is that if I do get thanked by someone, they are thanking me, not God, even although He was involved. People don't say "Thank you Frances, and I'm grateful to you God, for your part in it".
      Me 2 - God 0
      God's role is powerful, but it's a backroom job. That's how He wants it. He knows that as He helps us to do stuff that helps others, or the world in some way, there's a series of benefits flowing out there, both for them and for you. That compounds because good breeds good. Yes, of course you get the odd bit of rubbish at times, but negativity cannot survive for long in a positive situation.
      People think they understand God, but they often don’t. Frequently they understand the image of God that other people have painted for them. That may be good, bad or indifferent. Who knows?
      All I understand is that once I realised that there was this incredible Energy helping me personally, life became richer and I became a more responsive and effective person. That breeds success and I’ve become successful in ways that are right for me and my life. Success doesn’t have the same unit of value for everyone, but God knows which rewards are appropriate, so no worry there. Whether they’re small or large units of help you give out, you’re still rewarded, and of course it’s in a way that’s needed and not necessarily what you’d expected. That’s the Law of Attraction or Karma working.
      Yes, ‘Thanks, God we know you’re there at every turn, and the bits in the middle’.

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