Sunday, 31 March 2019

Prayer Group

Love Worldwide Prayer Group

Members in Australia, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Ireland, Croatia, UK and America

My work is with God. and in March 2017 He needed me to start a Prayer Group.
To be absolutely honest, I inwardly groaned, because I had thought it would be so difficult to get the minimum number of 15 members that He needed.
Anyway, I trusted and I was wrong! A lot of the people that I have had the joy of knowing in this life, like me, do pray, so my target of 15 was soon passed and nearly 2 years later we have over 50 members in 8 countries across the world,as shown in the header picture.
The Prayer Group is just like a big caring family and we update each other regularly with the progress of our progress, problems and issues, the news of the people who are on the healing list, so that everyone of us is in someway involved.
God realises that we have lives to live and simply asks that we say the necessary prayers at least once a week, at a time of our individual choosing.
We have added to the list of prayers along the way, but each member selects the ones that are necessary to them, and of course God. After all, everyone has their own relationship with God.
It is absolutely free! If you would like to join us, we'd like to have you on board, or if you want to add your name (or the name of a loved one) to our healing list, please do email me and I'll get back to you.
If you are ill, or know someone who is ill and could do with some help, or someone who is going through a difficult time, let us know and we will pray for them to get some relief.
Our contact address is at

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