Sunday, 31 March 2019

Prayer Group

Love Worldwide Prayer Group

Members in Australia, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Ireland, Croatia, UK and America

My work is with God. and in March 2017 He needed me to start a Prayer Group.
To be absolutely honest, I inwardly groaned, because I had thought it would be so difficult to get the minimum number of 15 members that He needed.
Anyway, I trusted and I was wrong! A lot of the people that I have had the joy of knowing in this life, like me, do pray, so my target of 15 was soon passed and nearly 2 years later we have over 50 members in 8 countries across the world,as shown in the header picture.
The Prayer Group is just like a big caring family and we update each other regularly with the progress of our progress, problems and issues, the news of the people who are on the healing list, so that everyone of us is in someway involved.
God realises that we have lives to live and simply asks that we say the necessary prayers at least once a week, at a time of our individual choosing.
We have added to the list of prayers along the way, but each member selects the ones that are necessary to them, and of course God. After all, everyone has their own relationship with God.
It is absolutely free! If you would like to join us, we'd like to have you on board, or if you want to add your name (or the name of a loved one) to our healing list, please do email me and I'll get back to you.
If you are ill, or know someone who is ill and could do with some help, or someone who is going through a difficult time, let us know and we will pray for them to get some relief.
Our contact address is at

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Worldwide Disasters

Members in Australia, Sweded, Spain, Serbia, Ireland, Croatia, UK and USA

Worldwide Disasters in March

    March seems to have been a time for emergencies and long after the press teams have given up on their coverage of them those affected will still be struggling to come to terms with their lives, and rebuild them. That which is lost cannot be reclaimed or replaced and our deepest hope is that our prayers can bring the strength to deal with that, and help them move forward in a more powerful way.

New Zealand: Please join us in prayer if you want to for those affected by the terrorist attack in New Zealand. Here are three prayers to cover the situation; 

A Prayer to End Terrorism
I ask now for a simple matter of terror to bring less upset to the world.
For it has pursued a career of upsetting proportions through the efforts of those who create mayhem and upset through a love of evil. For they are not displaying God's love, and it is a hopeless task to expect a man to feel at ease with the need for a weapon in his hand. Yet he has the option to put it down and walk away. 
I ask not that he feels the need to resist all anger and use the power within as a basis of love instead. Amen.

A Prayer for the Injured
I ask now for the wisdom and power of healing to be given to all those who succumb to the pain and terror of terrorists.
Let them be vitalised by God's love, and find their way forth through the bombardment of hate and upset within them to a legacy of love and creative force for peace. Let those who are blown apart by the upset of this crisis be put together by God's Love and create a force so great that we can unite the world through love and not war. Amen.

A Prayer for Those Killed by Terrorists
I pray for the souls of those departed through the rage and upset of a terrorist, and ask now that they pass through the healing and wisdom of God's Love to bring forward a new journey of love again in the Spirit Realms. Amen

South Africa: Our thoughts and hearts have also gone to those lives that have been devastated as Cyclone Idai unleashed its destructive forces throughout the areas of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.
Please share this prayer with our group.

Prayer for Victims of Natural Disasters
I ask now for those who have suffered and lost in the recent disaster in South Africa to be comforted and held close to God.
I ask this so that the wherewithal of those helping to salvage lives and property can hold fast, and be of service to their own safety, as well as the ones who have died, or been injured and made homeless by such upsetting circumstances. 
Guide them and bring them the strength and love needed to do what it vital to all at such a time. Amen.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

A few days in Nerja

Well last week’s flying visit to Nerja on Spain’s south coast didn’t quite work out as intended, but that wasn’t the fault of the lovely hotel we booked with, although they were having their own out of season nightmares.
The Avalon  is beautifully situated on the edge of Nerja. It’s basically a first class restaurant with a few terraced rooms looking out over the Mediterranean. Perfect!
Frances at Breakfast
When a big kitchen refit came to a stop because the floor hadn’t dried in time, everyone gets a headache, but Alex had rung the day before we were to arrive, and offered to find another hotel for us. We decided we’d stay anyway, and had a lovely welcome when we arrived with our two dogs, Rufus and Buzz.
We’d wandered into Nerja earlier and seen a wide variety of restaurants, so Pinocchio’s Italian menu was our first choice on Tuesday, and we really enjoyed the meal, which was one of the nicest Italian meals we have had. The restaurant was typically Italian, with the whole atmosphere very relaxed, but with good service.. Nerja is a really attractive and peaceful place. There is a lovely pedestrian esplanade and courtyard with lots of cafe's, bars and restaurants of many nations and tastes, from Indian, Italian, Spanish (of course), Chinese and Japanese, which served Teppanyaki, a very specialist and theatrical style of Japanese cooking 
That night after last walks with our dogs, we settled down for a good night’s sleep. Ho-hum, eight hours and seven walks later we stumbled down to breakfast on the terrace. Rufus, our Galgo had a bad stomach and we needed a vet. Alex recommended hers, and after a quick visit, two injections and some tablets, he began improving. Then Buzz was sick….! Fortunately he made a quicker recovery.
Wednesday was our 43rd wedding anniversary and we tried a Chinese restaurant. It wasn’t what we’d hoped with mistakes in the order, but to be truthful, we were also feeling pretty tired after a difficult and stressful time the night before. When you care about your dogs, it’s like worrying about your children, only they can’t tell you what’s wrong.
Thursday morning, and feeling rather fresher we had a lovely breakfast again on the terrace, Kevin cooked a mass of rice and eggs for Rufus and Buzz, and after a cheery goodbye we headed for the Carrefour Hypermarket in Almeria, for a bit of a grocery shop on the way home.
Is Avalon on our ‘Must Return To List’? You bet it is. If they could keep us happy without a restaurant, imagine what they can do when it’s open! Kevin has a great Chef pedigree, and he cooks veggie as well, so maybe we’ll see you there soon. Do check it out.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Don't Give Up!

At times, life can seem as though you’re fighting your way through a tangle of undergrowth in a beautiful forest. You wonder where the path went but try hard to keep going. After a while you notice the sun glinting through some leaves and as you push them aside, you see the path again. You heave a sigh of relief, nurse your scratches and pick up your life again.
That’s how it’s been over the last year for us. Just twelve months ago my husband Mike was having constant kidney infections. It was a long standing problem with stones that had cost him one kidney already. No one actually put a label on what was happening, but with urologists and nephrologists involved, he was getting plenty of attention.
Within 4 months Mike had spent more than a month in hospital and when he was home, even though he had no serious pain, it wasn’t my Mike. He had no energy, no drive. He wasn’t his usual cheery self.
We knew the specialists were struggling to get his creatinine level to an acceptable level, but his potassium was also way too high. 
Mike asked "Why this was and what caused it? 
The doctor said "Fruit and vegetables". 
"I was always told to eat fresh fruit and vegetables since I was a child"
"Who told you that? 
"Doctors and health experts!" 
"Well in your case you cannot have these as your kidney cannot cope with potassium. Cut out tomatoes, root vegetables including potatoes, and oranges". 
When you went through it all it was a big list.

I started Googling and collected all the information I could and the potassium points list was born, but still the creatinine was too high.
Then towards the end of July 2018, Mike’s kidney stopped working. He could pass nothing and his legs were swollen. We arrived at the Urgencia Department in Huercal Overa, and he was put straight on a ward. The word we dreaded ‘dialysis’ was being said and within hours they transferred him to the main hospital in Almeria, some 110 kilometers away.
We knew nothing about dialysis, but neither did we want to be in a position where we had to. It seemed to us like the last option you’re forced to take when nothing else works.  But it happened. Suddenly they were fitting a catheter and Mike met the machine! No permission was asked or options given, his position was serious enough that immediate action was required!
After a few days of dialysis, he started to feel better. He had more energy and he was feeling cheerful. Our son and his finacee made a surprise visit from the UK and the following day Mike was released from hospital, so he could enjoy their company at home.
Nephrology arranged dialysis for him on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Fresenius Clinic in Huercal Overa, and step by step we worked on his diet to keep his potassium at an acceptable level, although the clinic also needed him to eat more protein.
The creatinine level hadn’t changed much but, in November, the clinic who tested his levels regularly, said that his kidney had recovered a bit, so they were stopping his Wednesday sessions.
They monitored him carefully. All okay.
Mike suggested that we ease back on the meat protein, and that he joined me more on a vegetarian diet, as he’d done previously. We tweaked here and there and still everyone was happy with his progress. Because we reduced his meat intake, his creatinine levels also slowly fell. They are still high but now in acceptable parameters.

The clinic gave Mike a 16 page survey in Spanish, to see how he was managing in his life as a whole. He translated it and answered all the questions. The following week they gave him the same survey in English. It seems they didn’t believe he’d understood the questions. He had, and he filled in the English version with the same positive answers.
It must, together with a good blood test, have swayed their decision, because he heard yesterday that he is now on one dialysis session a week. Brilliant News!

So the message is, if you’re struggling through that undergrowth and can't see the way out, don’t give up. Keep going because then you can find that sunny path again. We did.

Beautiful Apricot Jam

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