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Adventures with God

My Adventures with God

      They really began over 20 years ago, when we, as a family, had some very traumatic and worrying times to work through. I have never doubted God’s existence, I just doubted that He knew my name.
      Frances? Frances who? No I don’t remember her!
      Well it just shows how wrong I was, because when I needed help and support that I could also pass on to the family, God was there, and within a short time I could see clearer what was important in life and what wasn’t.
      I was receiving spiritual healing at a centre where I regularly took my mother, and it wasn’t long before I knew I needed to give back. So in 1997 I trained to be a spiritual healer. Since then I have been on a learning journey that has taken me into channelling writings, healing, training, working abroad, releasing the pain of past life issues for clients, doing talks, collaborating with artists in 3 sets of Oracle cards, and for nearly 10 years co-running Give Youth A Hand with Mike. 
      It was a charity to help homeless and women with children escaping domestic violence in the UK, and taking aid convoys out to Croatia and Serbia after the Balkans war.
      Yes, life can be an adventure if you let it, and here I am on a new one again in Spain.
      I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins when he goes off with the dwarves in The Hobbit, and I know, just like him, that at the end of each adventure I won’t be the same person. I will have learned something new and found another skill that I didn’t realise I could develop. Because of this, my life is so much richer.
      It’s sometimes hard to believe that we all made choices at the beginning of this life, and once they’re in place, it’s a case of staying positive and making the most of the opportunities they bring, or we maybe conjure up.
      If life’s the big adventure, then there are lots of smaller ones within it, and at times you can wonder if you should have chosen a less demanding travel agent, but come on, as long as you’re following your instincts and ‘listening’ to your soul, there’s always  a reason for taking this direction rather than that one. If you’re tempted, I can recommend taking part. Simply think of it as a treasure hunt and start looking for the clues.
      That’s what we did when we lived in a small apartment in a Derbyshire mill town.  We had downsized, and had no intention of moving again. I did some spiritual work along with Mike, and then while he was playing golf, I walked in the countryside and chatted to God. We were both settled.
      It had been 2 years earlier that my lovely reader friend Di Wall (Counselling with Cartouche) said that we would be moving, and I had just laughed and said ‘No way!’ But it seems God had other plans.
      In the winter of 2014 we decided that we’d take a winter break of 2 ½ months and found a small flat to rent near Malaga. Neither of us had been to Spain previously, so we were looking forward to going there at the beginning of January 2015.
      In the previous November I visited my friend Di and chatted, telling her about the holiday. I also thought I’d have a card reading. I chose my cards and she laid them out. As she turned one over, she laughed. ‘You remember 2 years ago I said you’d move? You are, and I think it’s Spain’.
      I couldn’t say anything, I was so shocked. A) We hadn’t planned on moving. B) Spain? Move abroad?
      A week later we were working at a Mind Body Spirit show in Bristol, and Mike wandered over to a reader friend and told her we were off to Spain for a holiday. ‘You’re not coming back’, she said.
‘Well’, I thought ‘It’s time I talked to God’. So I did, and He confirmed it.
      We had a lovely 3 month break around Malaga but both knew it wasn’t where we needed to live, so with God’s help we looked over near the east coast, finally finding our home outside Cantoria, in Almeria province, and right on the edge of the desert!.
Our 3 bed house on the edge of the
desert, with suitable type plants.
     We moved from the UK at the end of April. Within 4 months we had sold our apartment, and our furniture was on its way to our new home in Spain. That was at the beginning of 2015, and we have no regrets. We love life here with our two doggie boys who joined us within 3 weeks of moving.
      That’s how we make decisions in our family, because when it’s right and you can feel it is, you don’t ask ‘Why?’ You ask ‘How?’ Then things start to fall into place.
     If you haven’t already, do try it, because it frees you off to do things you never imagined you would be doing.

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