Saturday, 2 February 2019

God Knows

God Knows What I'll be Doing Tomorrow

Aah, the sunshine in Sweden
Actually, He’s normally ahead of me on most of the important things, which is comforting. I say ‘He’ because I feel it’s a Fatherly energy, though I do know it is a Universal Spirit Energy.

The beginning of January saw our son and his fiancée, returning to the UK after celebrating the New Year with us. Sad to see them go but we’d been boosted by their company, as always
So far we’re lucky with the weather here in Cantoria although it’s very cold most nights. The sun shines on us a lot here during the day, and it can be warm enough to sit out in the porch, but there’s nothing like toasting ourselves in front of the log fire during chilly evenings.

We recently went shopping to Albox and it’s funny when you see people in shorts and tee shirts in the middle of January, while we’re in fleeces and thick trousers. You immediately think ‘Mm….they’re visitors from the UK or northern Europe. We were the same when we first moved here, but gradually acclimatised.

Well it’s been 3 ½ years since we moved here, and Mike and I have actually chosen a name for our house. We had lots of suggestions given to us, but nothing seemed right. So what did we settle on? Casa Blanca. Yes we have a white house, and also Casablanca is my all-time favourite film. Couldn’t be better. I think it’s the longest time we’ve taken over any decision! It only took us 8 months to meet and marry and that was 43 years ago. Ah well….!

I’m revising the manuscript for my proposed new book on God and life. It’s called ’The Unwritten Contract’ and I’ve been taking it a bit at a time. The end of 2018 set me back a bit, but I do love to prepare for Christmas properly, and God understands just as long as I don’t lose sight of my work.
I hope to find a publisher over the coming months. This has been my spiritual work for 20 years now and there’s so much information to bring the reader, I have to get it out there, because I have other books to write, and people to talk to.

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